That’s it!

We are all video natives. We are linked and forwarded, shared and screened, vined, favourited, uploaded and downloaded incessantly. It’s no longer just enough to have a video. That video needs to capture the imagination. At it Productions we specialise in creative video, bringing a fresh concept to every job we do. We’re especially adept at translating your creative concept into the language of frames and cuts. From camerawork to editing, graphics to effects we use any tools available to make each piece unique and different. That’s it! The only way to really see what we do is to check out some of our work.


Latest Work:

The Casino Model Train Museum in Malahide just opened. A home of the wonderful Fry Model Train Collection the new mueum also houses a number of modern displays of train scenes from around Ireland. As part of of the launch we had great fun producing this video of all the tiny worlds!