That’s it!

We are all video natives. We are linked and forwarded, shared and screened, vined, favourited, uploaded and downloaded incessantly. It’s no longer just enough to have a video. That video needs to capture the imagination. At it Productions we specialise in creative video, bringing a fresh concept to every job we do. We’re especially adept at translating your creative concept into the language of frames and cuts. From camerawork to editing, graphics to effects we use any tools available to make each piece unique and different. That’s it! The only way to really see what we do is to check out some of our work.

Latest Work:

Dublin Fringe Bursary – Spitfire Bird & Down the Drain

Here at it, we were delighted to offer a bursary for emerging artists at this years Dublin Fringe. You can read more about the bursary here, but suffice it to say that we worked with some absolute gems in Unamused Theatre and Margaret O’Connor!

We are very proud to release our promotional video for Margarets piece: Spitfire Bird, composed from footage of the piece, which is best described as Guerrilla Milinery. As David Bowie is a big influence of Margarets work we composed a voiceover using some of his lyrics as inspiration, which was wonderfully performed for the video by Dublin Actress Roxanna Nic Liam.

Along with our Creative Producer Kelly we were also involved with Unamused’s production Down the Drain, which played to sold out houses in the Lir during the first week of the Festival.

We truly loved offering the bursary through Fringe and hope to continue to do so for many Fringes to come!