It’s Reel

Heres some of the work I’m proudest of. I hope you enjoy it!

Promotional video: Event and theatre


Pat Kinevanes amazing play Silent went on to win both and Olivier award and Scotsman Fringe First award at the Edinburgh fringe and is still touring today. This is a video I made for it in 2011 when it first came out. The silent film star Rudolph Valentino is an important part of the narrative and since his films are now mostly in the public domain, this provided a great opportunity for me to wok with some of that footage. I was then able to grade my own footage to match with that look.

Marriage equality

Marriage equality was an amazing time and a rare moment when you felt like the whole country was getting behind the right idea. In the lead up to the vote a rally was held at the Abbey theatre by Senator Fiach Mac Conghail and Cllr Mannix Flynn. I tried to synsthesise some of what happened and the general positive feeling around the vote at that time.

Music video

Neosupervital: Do what you feel

This music video I made for Irish multi-instrumentalist Tim O’Donovan, in his then guise as Neosupervital (More recently he can be found in the band Buffalo Woman When we discussed the video Tim was interested in how his then house had been very influential in the writing of the song. To bring this out I came up with this concept of the house as the backing band, with all the parts played by Tim himself. It was the first time I ever extensively worked with mattes and composites and my attempt at the kind of thing you might see in an old Pete Gabriel video!

Interview based documentary

When making factual videos based around interviews I pride myself on being able to build a narrative from any interviewee.

Jaki Irvine: If the Ground should open...

I interviewed Jaki for he 2016 installation If the Ground should open… and she was a fantastic subject. An insightful and honest interviewee and her show was stunning. Certainly made my life easier!

IAPI ADFX Trophy: Creativity in practice

I made this video for the Irish Institute of Advertising Practitioners for their bi-annual awards ceremony, The ADFX Awards, in 2014. Andy Sharkey was the student visual artist who’s design won a competition to be the award for the ceremony that year.

Along with this video we created videos for every category to give a further insight into the judges decision making process.

Tiny plays, the writers

In 2012 Fishamble did their first Tiny Plays. Composed of 25 very short plays from different writers. For the promotional video I interveiwed a number of the writers to give a sense of their work, their process and how they felt about being chosen for the project. It’s an older video, but one I still include as its one of my favourite examples of building a narative from diverse interviews. In some cases even allowing for different subjects to finish each others sentences.

Promotional video: Fiction/Directing actors

The Bruising of Clouds

For this show by Sean McLoughlin we shot a pre-show video in the style of a documentary. To create it I interviewed actors Ian Lloyd Anderson, Seana Kerslake, and Ryan Andrews in character and then cut the result together to form a narrative about the play.

Bailed out

The 2015 verbatim play from Colin Murphy focused on the Irish Bailout of 2010. Working with Peter Daly, one of the actors from the show, we were able to re-create a pivotal moment, when the bailout was signed. Since I only had one actor I asked Peter to play both the lackey and troika banker and then sliced both sides of the scene together.


If you still want to see more check out my 2013 video installation Print Room at Castletown House. This work was comprised of multiple cinemagraphs which I have reproduced on their own page. 

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