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Silent from it Productions on Vimeo.

Our speciality at it is working with theatre companies on everything from promotional videos created from live footage to AV design that goes into the show itself. We have worked extensively with numeros companies such as Fishamble: The New Play Company and The Abbey theatre and have vast experience producing promotional videos, whether they are pre-show trailers to promote the show before the previews or post show videos from footage of the show itself which can be used to market your show further to venues and Festivals. We also offer filming of shows using multiple cameras to create full length a version of the production for interested festivals and your companies archive.

it Productions prides itself on the ability to respond creatively to any brief and to create stunning video work which remains true to the feel of the show. Please take a minute to decide for yourself by viewing some of our theatre promos in the gallery below.


Fishamble’s production Silent, written and directed by Pat Kinevane has won both Edinburgh Fringe First and Olivier awards. The title of the show refers in part to Silent era films and particularly the star of that era Rudolph Valentino. We took the opportunity provided by the fact that a lot of Valentino films are now out of copyright to intercut some real silent film footage with the footage we shot of Pat performing. Check it out at the top of the page.

Noble Call for Marriage Equality, 2015

The Noble Call for Marriage Equality took place at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, on May 14 2015. Actors, artists and campaigners spoke and performed in an effort to aid the cause of Marriage Equality in Ireland. It’s YES!

Bailed Out!


Tiny Plays for Ireland


Little Thing, Big Thing


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