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New Graphics Reel for 2012

I’ve been meaning to dust off the old graphics reel for a bit and I finally got around to it. It seems like every project I do involves so motion graphics these days and here is some of my favourites:

Silent @ the Abbey

Silent @ the Abbey

Pat Kinevanes stunning Silent will be opening on the Peacock stage at the Abbey this Wednesday. Apart from giving people another opportunity to see this great show (it really is awesome). It also gives me an opportunity to push my promo for the play. It one of my favorite promos and it’s now available on the Abbey website. Check out the link above, that’s it!

Tiny Plays: The Writers

Fishambles new play Tiny Plays for Ireland is an amazing project where 25 writers were picked from over 1400 entries in an Irish Times competition. I interviewed some of the writers after their production meeting to create this trailer for the show:


This is also the first outing for the new Fishamble Video Logo which I designed and you can see at the start and finish fo the video.

March 15-31 at the project Arts Centre.